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KalaSangami, the Fine Arts club of Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts & Science is functioning under the valuable guidance of the management, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Principal. It is our from the beginning that to enhance the skills of all talented students, they must be provide with opportunities to explore their creativity for this purpose ‘Kala Sangami’ the Fine Arts Club was formed in the academic year 1998-1999.

The club motivates the confluence of ideas, prefect blend of arts, the skills and the passion of the students and so Consolidated as ”Kalaikalin Sangamam” which framed the name of the club Kala Sangami Fine Arts Club.

The competitions are organized every year by this club to encourage the creation and innovative Pursuits and to explore the talents of our students. The club comprises events under four headings as literacy events in English and Tamil, Arts & Craft, theatrical performance and cookery. The students were encouraged by giving prizes and certificates. Over all cup have been awarded to three departments for their outstanding performance. To honor the individual talents of the students”Miss Kala Sangami” crown has been awarded to the maximum individual score of the overall competition.


Literacy Advent

  1. Essay writing in tamil
  2. Essay writing in English
  3. Verse writing in TAMIL
  4. Verse writing in English
  5. Anjal Attai Kathai
  6. Short story in in English
  7. Oratorical in Tamil
  8. Oratorical in English
  9. Turn Coat
  10. JAM in English

Artistically Art

  1. Pencil Drawing
  2. Cartoon Drawing
  3. Painting
  4. Rangoli


Medding Hand Craft

  1. Soap Carving
  2. Clay Modeling
  3. Cooking
  4. Art from Waste
  5. Chalk piece carving
  6. Pot Designing
  7. Origami
  8. Jewelry Designing
  9. Photography
  10. Preparation of journal


  1. Classical solo
  2. Non classical Solo
  3. Dance Folk Group
  4. Western Dance Group
  5. Fusion Dance

Vocal Quest

  1. Karnatic Song
  2. Light Music Song
  3. Light Music Western
  4. Light Music Group

Theatre Art

  1. Scene Mimic
  2. Drama
  3. Tableau
  4. Mime-Show

IQ Challenge

  1. Quiz