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Language Lab

This is the only college in Theni District to have two air-conditioned Language Labs at the cost of Rs.30 Lakhs. This lab provides interactive Language lab recorder and head set for each student. In addition to this, the lab has been embedded with 32 cabins for providing privacy to the students. The aim of the lab is to impart a culture of accuracy in language for communication by giving ample practice. The second lab is equipped with Audio visual Aid to play VCD’s to help the students learn effective speaking. The lab also provides voice recording for the students to test themselves. ETNL software has been installed for the progress of conversation practice for the benefit of students.

Laboratory of Micro Biology

The excellent laboratory of the department has several equipments worth more than Rs.20 Lakhs for doing innovative research and practical. A plant tissue lab is setup for tissue culturing activities with a cost of 5 Lakhs. The department is extending its arms towards extended activities in developing a polybag free zone and solid waste recycling through activities like Vermicomposting, mushroom cultivation, Parthenium Eradication Campaign, Aqua culturing, herbal gardening and paper bag making.

Laboratory of Bio Chemistry

The Department has a well-furnished Laboratory with all latest equipments worth Rs. 7 Lakhs. UV Spectrometer, Laminar Airflow, precisa Electronic Balance etc., are helpful for the students to learn the latest technology in their filed. The lab also gives additional exposure to the students for ELISA, PCR

and blotting techniques.



Laboratory of Chemistry

The laboratory is fully equipped with necessary equipments worth more than  Rs. 10 Lakhs .The students entering the chemistry laboratory gain a good knowledge and practical skill to do their work successfully.




Laboratory of Computer Science

This Lab is having well equipped centralized computer Centre to cater to the needs of high profile students and faculty in the college. It is housed in a magnificent state of art building having specialized laboratories to provide variety of platforms and computing environment for UG, PG students. The Centre processes 400 systems with Core i3 processors, Core Duo processors, Pentium IV processors and with 4 IBM servers.


Internet Lab

This is the only college in Theni District which has launched this kind of lab at the cost of Rs.35 Lakhs. This lab consists of 64 systems with 100 mbps speed of transmission through   WI-FI.


Visual Communication Lab

This lab furnished with 50 high speed systems with upgraded configuration. It is also enriched with surrounding sound system and an LCD Projector for interactive teaching.


Multimedia Lab

This lab is furnished with 40 high speed systems with upgraded configuration. It is also having LCD Projector for effective teaching by giving demonstration about computer Softwares.

Digital Library

This lab is furnished with 48 high speed systems with i5(4th gen) core processors with internet connection. This lab is functioning for digital library with DELNET and INFLIBNET software for students E-resources utilization.